Top 8 Benefits of Lift Ads

Current times are witnessing a feeding frenzy for advertising on lifts or elevators. Lift ads enable advertising to a captive audience.

Being a small business owner, you are constantly searching for advertising options that are cost-effective, convenient, and powerful. This means you are open to out of the box ideas of advertising like lift advertising.

Lift advertising like lift display screens is growing popular with small business owners. Apart from meeting budget and convenience criteria, elevator ads provide an effective and creative marketing resource for small companies, which need to create an impact on a specific niche of consumers.

Lift advertising is common in urban centres where offices and homes are located in high rise building featuring lifts. In case, you are not sure if a lift ad is suitable for advertising for your company; consider the following advantages.

  • Highly creative ads

In certain high rise buildings, lift ads have become creative focal points which generate buzz through their visual appeal and novelty. These include complete lift wraps or enhancements which are affixed to architecture of the building. Whatever be your creative sense, lift ads offer much scope for using your ingenuity.

  • Captive audience

It has been reported that on an average, residents of high rise residential or office buildings make six daily trips via lifts. They have at least 4 guests visiting their apartments every month. As such, lift ads have a high percentage of awareness among persons (84%). They also have a high percentage of retention (96%). 82% of residents found lift ads very entertaining. The audience is captive as there are no other distractions when they travel via lifts.

  • Micro-targeting

With other channels of advertising, not much control is possible on who views your ad. However, in case of lift advertising, one can micro-target audience by building, neighbourhood, or region. The capacity to target your audience is a huge plus point and superior use of your advertising dollars.

  • Cost effectiveness

The low cost and high impact of lift advertising is the main attraction for small businesses. You may spend thousands of dollars on TV and newspaper ads, which are untargeted. But for a lift ad you may spend as little as $20 per month based on number of locations and format of ad.

  • Steady exposure

What happens to a newspaper ad that was chucked into the waste bin after reading? Contrast with lift ads that stay put inside lifts for a substantial period of time, so as to stay constantly in the psyche of its captive audience – persons using the lift regularly.

  • Capacity for editing

Apart from other forms of advertising, ads in lifts can be edited on an hourly or daily basis. For instance, LCD digital displays fitted on lifts enable your company to run different ads at night, noon, or morning.

  • Reduced vandalism

Ads in lifts may not be vandalized like outdoor poster ads. The ads instead will entertain users of lifts in the couple of seconds or minutes they travel by it.

  • Revenue sharing

Advertisers using lifts for their ads can pay a sum to building societies, thus helping in revenue sharing.

These are some of the top benefits of advertising in lifts.



How to Use Elevator Advertising?

Elevator advertising is emerging as a hot new trend in advertising. Adverting in elevators is not as crazy as it sounds. Increasing number of companies is making use of elevator advertising to do marketing to a targeted audience.

One of the most attractive aspects of elevator advertising is the sheer numbers of persons it reaches. The average number of elevator passengers in a high rise building is around 500 persons a day. Over the whole month, the number touches 90,000. Such numbers of audience viewing your ad is not a factor that can be ignored by marketers.

How does it work?

In simple terms, elevators in high traffic buildings are fitted with screens that display high resolution ads paid by sponsors. The advantages of elevator ads are quite obvious. In contrast to newspaper, TV or web ads, elevator ads cannot be turned off or discarded. In fact, elevator ads guarantee a captive audience. If the ads are placed in busy buildings, they will be seen by hundreds of elevator users every day.

There are benefits to other stakeholders as well. For instance, majority of property owners are ready to welcome ads to their elevators since they reduce vandalism by providing constructive activity for those travelling by them. They are an alternative source of income for the property owners of high rises. Users of elevators also appreciate the free entertainment value of ads, as they climb up or down buildings using elevators.

Typically, elevator advertising is bought via third party providers, who have former connections with high rise buildings. The provider of advertising will work with you to create high resolution ads and choose placements, which have maximum visibility to target demographic. Contracts are usually for 12, 6 or 3 months.


The format of elevator ads is similar to print ads of high quality. The crucial criterion is the size of the ad which ranges from business card sizes to 5 to 7 inch ads or bigger. In case you need assistance, you can rely on advertising agencies to design the ads. You can even get a business card size ad to be adapted to big screen format.


Elevator ads are available in numerous options. Here are some of the popular choices:

  • Display frames:

They are most common, lightweight and lockable aluminium frames, which are designed to hold ads of different sizes and shapes.

  • Digital display

Elevator ads are increasingly featuring LCD displays. A single digit display can operate a loop made of high resolution ads from multiple advertisers. One can change the ads frequently when the client makes such requests such as for new offers and promotions.

  • Elevator wraps

Wraps are made of a unique adhesive material which can be affixed to any surface on the outside and inside of the elevator. It is possible for advertisers to manifest high levels of creativity with wraps. Examples include humorous ad displays which leave a huge impact on those viewing the ads.

The effectiveness of elevator advertising depends on the targeted placement of such ads in locations where it will attract most consumers. If choice is between cost and location of ad, location must reign supreme even if it costs more.