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Partnering with us has a huge advantage for you. Right after commissioning of apartments, advertisements in the elevators can help attract customers, and at the same time, aid in earning some revenue. With one year and three-year term contract, you as builders can get good returns while, in turn, helping out the society members getting updates of the latest offers available in the market.

Our Motto

Would you like to join the era of revolutionized advertising?

  • Keep everyone in the society updated with the latest offerings available in the market.
  • To help the society earn through any of our exclusive earning models – Fixed Earnings Model and Revenue Sharing Model.

We Care ...

During the entire process, we take care of the following aspects:

  • Earning revenue without any investment or hassles.
  • Complete installation of advertisement and posters.
  • Ensuring that the lift is not damaged during the installation process.
  • Designing and printing the ads as desired.
  • Framing and placing the ads along with replacements when required.
  • Maintaining the posters throughout the display tenure.
  • Scheduling different ads from time to time.
  • Repair any ads that may have been disrupted.
  • Connecting with different advertisers.
  • Network and approach advertisers to get the latest updates.
  • Place only socially acceptable ads (never include ads for tobacco, cigarettes, alcohol or any other products, which are inappropriate for the families).
  • Create a win-win situation for all.

So, come and partner with us!

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