New paradigm of Marketing – The Elevator advertising

In this globally competitive era, it is becoming extremely difficult for the companies to survive and create a sustainable amount of profit. Profit depends on sales and sales depend on consumers. To reach out to consumers, companies need to have marketing strategies which are relevant in current scenario and is unique and grab the attention of potential customers. One such new way of advertising is elevator advertising. Elevator or lift advertising is very niche kind of marketing which targets a specific audience. Our company Liftup marketing provides services such as elevator adverts, digital lift ads and several other forms of elevator advertising for enterprises operating in various fields. Liftup marketing focuses on every aspect of advertising from using the space efficiently, creating unique design and make ads which complements the nature of the firm. Elevator adverts are limited to places which have lifts or elevators and are suitable to opt by the brands which can effectively advertise and target the customers in an enclosed environment like lift and elevator. The brands advertising in a lift can benefit the most as it can attain the attention of the consumer for 30-40 seconds without any distraction. Where as in case of other forms of advertising such as TV commercials one can skip the ad simply by clicking the remote button where as in case of lift ads, person cannot ignore the advert unless they choose the option of stairs which has very negligible chance.

Below are some of the locations which are suitable for Elevator Ads:

  • Advertising in an elevator in malls – Mainly when customers go shopping to a mall, they look for discount offers/sales, making the elevator a one stop destination to provide the consumer with the details of all the sales in the brand outlets. This would not only benefit the consumer but also ensure that the store is visited; as now the brand has entered the consideration set of the consumer immediately when he enters the mall through the parking.
  • Advertising in an Elevator in Corporate Offices – A lift advertising company tends to use every inch of the space in an elevator as already space is very small especially elevators in office buildings are always highly occupied and people are always in rush to be on time for their work, it becomes very difficult to grab their attention and efficiently use the space. Elevator advertising in office buildings can benefit the employees as well as the management in number of ways such as communicating with the company employees, clients, notices and advertisements by various brands in and around the building for their products and services.
  • Advertising in an Elevator in Residential Complexes – These days most residential complexes have an elevator inside them; This can be a place to inform the consumer about recent offers available at nearby shopping complexes. This can divert the mind consumer and change their preference of location to shop as they might get tempted with offers seen in elevator.

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