The Secret to Connecting With New Customers Using Elevator Door Advertising

Marketing and advertising have become an essential part of the online world. Studies have shown that an individual receives around 2,000 marketing messages every day. Michael Gershman conducted a study and found “No quite 12% of all advertising is remembered or acted upon.” The future will prove that this type of selling is that the most effective way to advertise through elevator door advertising because it is extremely direct. Believe it, you won’t need to have a doubt if your marketing message is reaching your targeted demographic, because it is on their elevator, and eventually in their hands.

We could buy advertising on a few stations and most of the time we might see results. So what is this revolutionary way of advertising? Let me offer you a touch; it isn’t Google AdWords, social media marketing, or mobile advertising. It is elevator door advertising! Not only for politicians and pizza places, this type of “under the radar marketing” has gone main stream.

Research on Why You Should Use Elevator Door Advertising

elevator door advertising
elevator door advertising

Here are a few reasons why you would like to use lift advertising companies to plug your product or service.

  • It is a Simple Selling Strategy

You arrive home after an extended day at work. As you look toward your front entrance, you notice something out of place. It is something hanging from the elevator. As you continue toward the elevator, the question that burns in your mind, what is that? Finally, at the elevator, you realize its a message from an area landscaper with an excellent deal. If a resident is prepared to shop for and your ad is on their elevator, they are buying from you.

  • Easy On the Pocketbook

Price is on factor. Even those with a modest advertising budget can make an enormous impact because the lift advertising companies are affordable and have an excellent return on investment.

  • Easily Customized

Elevator door advertising has a crucial advantage over other mediums. They will be customized to suit your precise marketing needs. There is no other advertising medium that comes on the brink of the flexibility of direct elevator advertising.

  • Great Targeting

How easy is it to focus on a radius around a business? Choose an address on a map and to know your targeted area. Or choose a neighbourhood where tons of your existing customers live and make a map around that data. People will buy when their neighbours are already customers.

  • Track Your Distribution

Some of the lift advertising companies are using GPS technology. An internet site shared with the client allows them to trace the progress of their campaign. Never in history have you ever been ready to watch your marketing message get delivered to your targeted demographic.

Stop for a flash and picture what you will do with elevator marketing. It is affordable, trackable, and therefore the best way to connect any product or service with people able to buy.

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