Unique Benefits Of Elevator Door Ads

Advertising is changing rapidly. Business owners and executives are always on a lookout for creative and expressive advertising ideas. A good advertising strategy is one that makes use of all available platforms wisely and effectively. Traditionally, advertising has been done through banners, hoardings, prints ads, and television commercials. One of the most effective and creative way of advertising that has sprung us these days is elevator door ads. These ads are very creative and helpful in promoting any brand.

What is an elevator door ad?

An elevator door advertisement is any advertisement put up inside an elevator or on the door of the elevator of any commercial or residential building to promote any brand. These ads make use of creative techniques to promote the product or service provided by the brand. Elevator advertisements can be written promotional content or a picture that conveys the message of the brand. These ads are direct and straightforward, leaving a mark on the viewer’s mind. These advertisements are beneficial in many ways.

The correct target audience

Elevator advertising gives you an opportunity to place the ad wherever you want, be it a residential building, shopping mall, official complex, or a metro station. You can choose any location where your target audience visits regularly. This gives you an edge over other advertising methods as it directly reaches the target audience. This microtargeting is very helpful in getting the desired potential customer.


Lift advertising comes with minimum expenditure and maximum results. This is the reason why all businesses, small or big, prefer to choose elevator advertising over other bigger options. Moreover, it lasts longer than any print ad, hoarding or any banner. While other advertisements may fade away, lift ads continue to work for a very long period of time. A simple lift ad would cost somewhat about $20 per month, much cheaper than any other method of promotion.

Easy to edit

This is one of the best attributes of lift advertising. These elevator ads are easy to edit and add new information. You can add new offers and discounts being given by your brand on daily basis in LCD digital elevators. While in print ads and online ads, you would require to come up with a whole new advertisement if there is some change. Lift advertisements are compatible that way.

Creative benefits

While newspapers or hoarding advertisements can be monotonous and repetitive, lift ads are creatively engaging and captivating. These ads involve unique pictures and witty texts to attract people’s attention. Brands even hire qualifies designers to make these ads entertaining and engaging. You can experiment with themes and content in these ads which is quite not possible in other methods of advertising.  These can be put anywhere on the lift, from full elevator wraps to enhancements that are fixed to the building’s architecture. These ads are expressive, creative and they break the monotony of a regular boring lift.

Keeping in mind the benefits of lift advertising, we can say that it is the most creative and engaging way of promoting your brand. All businesses should opt for this method of advertising.

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