How Elevator Advertising Connects Your Brand To Your Home Audience

How Elevator Advertising Connects Your Brand To Your Home Audience

If your targeted customers live in an upscale building, you have a high chance to make customers. Here are some tips for using elevator advertising to reach your ideal clients.

One of the great chances for digital elevator advertising, or DOOH(Digital out-of-home advertising). Why because elevator advertising enables marketers to design engaging, lasting, and sometimes interactive campaigns that target audiences where they already spend most of their time.

The volume of elevator advertising in 2019 was very high and many industries benefited from it. And according to the survey, this number is expected to increase significantly in 2023 as compared to 2019. Moreover, elevator ads were the primary factor in the growth of OOH(out-of-home) advertising globally in 2019.

Additionally, DOOH can improve your results across the entire media mix if you’re running ads on other channels. According to an IPA study, out-of-home digital advertising increases paid social effectiveness by 56 percent, search by 80 percent, and online advertising by 30 percent.

One of the most effective DOOH ad formats? Advertising in elevators

If you want to reach your audience where they are most comfortable, early in the morning or before they go to bed at night, these media placements can be especially useful. Continue reading to find out how elevator advertising can make it easy to engage with your ideal customers at home.

Why Ads for Home Elevators? why now

The importance of smartly passing messages with an elevator advertising agency to reach the targeted audience’s time has been acknowledged by elevator advertising agencies and buyers. Businesses put up posters within a block of shops, and restaurant owners run advertising messages during the evening rush hour to target people on their way to work or home.

With the help of elevator advertisements, you can talk to your ideal clients right outside their doors. It looks like indoor outdoor advertising.

The top benefits of residential elevator advertising are listed below.

  • Connect your audience where they are most calm

Customers entering the elevator are a big draw because people see outdoor ads first after leaving their apartment. A typical elevator user uses them four times a day. Consider what messages you want your audience to receive when they leave the house in the morning and when they enter in the evening.

At least 95% of people use an elevator if they live in a building. The conclusion of this journey is marked by a certain mental state. Riders at Lyft are settling in and expecting a better experience.

In addition, the feeling of “home” begins when a person enters an apartment building, so marketers have a unique opportunity to connect with consumers at the most opportune time.

Because they can ensure repeat engagement, marketing channels that match consumer habits, such as daily elevator rides, are very valuable.

Residents already frequently check elevator screens in their buildings because they display important daily information, such as:

  • Updates from property managers regarding buildings
  • Details of upcoming events
  • Updated local and international news
  • Daily weather report for the area
  • Advice on health problems

Both building awareness and fostering a more positive brand experience for Lyft passengers can be facilitated by matching your ads with desirable and useful content (and future customers).

  • Targeted audience selection and increased visibility

You can use home elevator advertising to target specific demographics of potential clients by considering factors such as:

  • Interests and lifestyle (do the complex have many families? frequent travelers? and pet owners?)
  • Correct Place (aka how close they live to your business)
  • Income (based on the cost of living and rental prices)

Although not all apartment and condo communities are the same, being aware of the above information can help you decide which buildings to purchase elevator ads for. Then, you can reach out to local clients and segment, target, and deliver them to your doorstep (or website) at the right time.

This level of targeting is especially useful if you want to increase foot traffic and impressions. When you target residents with advertising, you can be at the forefront of their minds as they start and end their day, increasing the likelihood that they’ll visit your store the next time they’re out and about.

Additionally, you have full control over where your ad appears and don’t have to worry about competing ads, ad blockers, or adverse reviews. As the only source of uninterrupted “distraction” in a small space, you have a real chance to connect with the audience.

  • Measurement-based campaigns

Last but not the least, compared to other OOH placements, an elevator ad is more trackable. Moreover, it is important to evaluate the results of your campaigns because only then can you decide whether your investment was wise or not.

For our clients, we measure Lyft advertising campaigns as follows: The visual impression platform, unlike other OOH media, enables you to monitor, analyze and optimize your campaign performance compared to digital advertising. Audience demographics and engagement levels for your campaign are also available to you.

Without collecting personally identifiable information about Lyft users, our anonymous audience analytics technology enables businesses to deliver real-time and targeted advertising based on age, gender, and other factors. Our technology has received privacy by design certification and security and privacy are our top priorities. 

Industry-standard impressions are measured based on the number of times each ad is played in Lyft, regardless of whether anyone is watching it. Those numbers are significantly increased, while our impressions are backed by strong ROI for advertisers and verified by our AI-enabled audience measurement platform.

  • Start using elevator advertising to reach your target market.

So overall home elevator advertising provides a great way to grow your business:

  • Engage your audience as they start their day or as they head home.
  • Reach more people than elevator ads for business
  • Use AI to measure the success of your DOOH campaigns and get accurate results without sacrificing privacy.

Some other additional benefits that every elevator ad user sees

With elevator marketing, your audience approaches and checks your ad while waiting for the elevator. Using images for elevator screen advertising Abu Dhabi is a great way to make an impression on people and make it synonymous with upliftment.

  • Extremely efficient

Lift advertisements aren’t just used to target the right audience and advertise the products they are interested in. The item is considerably larger than that. Any type of promotion should have as its primary goal to influence people’s personalities in such a way that they start making purchases from the business being promoted. 

Furthermore, only lift advertisements use this effect. Lift ads are successful. Additionally, if you are in charge of a business, you should try this form of advertising as well. You will be stunned by the results. Amazing special marketing advertisements for elevators.

  • Functional

Unlike some advertisements that might urge you to invest a lot of money in advertising. It makes sense to approach the promotion in this simple and rational manner. Indeed, even those who manage a small business can benefit from using this resourceful advertising strategy. 

Advertisers would be able to save money for more important expenses that would be more beneficial for their businesses since they wouldn’t need to spend as much money on advertisements, but they can have a positive impact if you put in more effort and offer your customers the best products and services.

  • Flexible plan

Additionally, lift entryways allow business owners to customize the layout of their advertisements to their preferences and convenience. Whether they insist that the plan should be visible on the entrance from the inside or the outside ultimately depends on them. The owner himself also decides on the assortment and other issues. But the best suggestions are always made.

Allow me to tell you that while this advertising strategy may be outstanding, its motivation cannot be altered. Marketing this way is a different and useful way. Be creative to communicate with your audience through elevator entryway advertising by choosing the appropriate location, as well as the appropriate ad plan and content.


In the unlikely event that you are an owner or employee of a large company, a small business, or both. This method is being used and people are realizing how useful it is. Once you start using lift marketing, you will realize its value and benefits. The ever-higher standards of this advertising strategy will never cease to amaze you.

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